Security & Intelligence Support Intern

Company Overview

Agrolog Limited is a newly established agribusiness company specialized in production and trade of agricultural commodities, agrologistics, various agricultural investment and farm management. Innovations that assure the delivery of wholesome food to consumers constitute the value proposition which AgroLog brings to its clients. Institutional voids constitute great impediments in food systems, creating chaos and disruptions in the ecosystem.

The desire to address this has taken us back to the fundamentals of food production: THE FARM. AgroLog seeks to entrench a culture of operational excellence that guarantees transparency from farm to table. The primary objective is traceability that ensures the consumer not only know the source but the quality of food on the table. Consequently AgroLog has contrived partnerships through Innovation Platforms (IPs) that bring farmers and investors together enabling ecosystems that allow for backward integration that builds farmers capacities, flow of quality inputs, standardization of practices that ensure high productivity and quality outputs.

On the forward integration front we work with partner clusters to achieve best practices in postharvest handling that deliver quality to the table. Our initial focus is on vegetables but our network is growing to include commodities across the spectrum of agribusiness.

Purpose of the Job 

Join an established agribusiness company specialized in production and trade of agricultural commodities, agrologistics, various agricultural investment and farm management.

In a rapidly evolving, dangerous world, we need security and intelligence service to provide accurate, timely and predictive individually produced intelligence assessments in the Company to identify and mitigate risks, from the most likely to the most dangerous. From the big strategic picture down to the individual tactical level.

Key Responsibilities

  • Threat Analysis
  • Situational Awareness
  • Decision Advantage
  • Identification of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessments
  • Indicators and Warnings of real and current as well as emerging and potential threats to personnel, materials, the operating environment.

Competencies (Skills/Abilities & Behaviour)

  • Must have a highly vetted security and intelligence experience in working within military intelligence and law enforcement environments as well as the corporate and investment worlds.
  • Must have a good understanding of the importance of internal security and able to offer absolute discretion and client confidentiality.
  • B.Sc. criminology and security studies of the equivalence in any relevant field.
  • Advance English

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Mastercard Foundation Scholar Award letter  or letter of attestation from your  Mastercard Foundation Program Manager at the institution that awarded you the Scholarship. Secondary Scholars who studied in non-Scholars Program partner universities can apply with the award letter they received from their Secondary Education NGO ( Equity, CAMFED, BRAC and FAWE)
  • Copy of ID / Passport proving your citizenship or eligibility to work in the country
  • Copy of Highest Education Certificate/Qualification

Duration & Additional information

  • 6x Months Internship Program ONLY, the host organization reserve the right to extend the internship or convert it to a job based on performance and identified need. No full time jobs are guaranteed
  • All applicants are strongly advised to take note of the minimum eligibility, if all of the requirements are not met, your application will not be processed

We will ensure that no job applicant receives less favorable treatment because of their gender, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or age; nor be disadvantaged by any other conditions or requirements which are irrelevant.

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